Gajim 1.6.1

Gajim 1.6.1 has been released

Gajim 1.6.1 is mostly a bug fixing release, but it also brings some important improvements and adds more convenience. Thank you for all your contributions!

What’s New

After we ported Gajim and python-nbxmpp to libsoup3, you might have noticed issues with file transfers. Now, python-nbxmpp 4.0.1 has been released, and it fixes an error which prevented transfers of files containing spaces in their file name.

Gajim struggled with overly long messages, because the underlying Gtk.Label widget wasn’t meant for displaying huge amounts of text. Since this severely impacted performance, we decided to implement a cap at 5000 chars, after which a [read more] button will be shown. This allows you to still view the complete message (using a Gtk.TextView), but without text styling applied.

Furthermore, Gajim’s new audio preview received improved support for RTL languages (@mesonium).

Gajim’s new audio preview

Gajim’s new audio preview

More Changes

  • Better timestamps in your chat list (@bronko)
  • Account page: New menu item for denying all subscription requests at once


  • Profile: Image selection has been fixed on Windows
  • Profile: You can set your profile picture (avatar) again

Over 15 issues have been fixed in this release. Have a look at the changelog for a complete list.


As always, don’t hesitate to contact us at or open an issue on our Gitlab.