Who this document applies to

This privacy policy applies to users of the Gajim desktop application. This document details the data arising from your use of Gajim, and in particular does not represent the policies of any network services that you may register with and/or interact with while using the application - please review the relevant policies of those services separately, e.g. before registering an account or interacting with a service.

The services you use with the application are provided by a third-party. We have no control over third-party services, so please ensure you trust the operator and agree with their own privacy policies before using any service with Gajim.

Our approach to privacy

As a general rule, we minimize the information that Gajim will share with us as developers. In cases where gajim.org is contacted naturally the IP address is transmitted. IP addresses are only stored for a short amount of time to investigate technical problems.

In the following cases gajim.org is contacted:

  • As part of the startup, to check if a new Gajim version or new Gajim plugin version is available.

  • In the event the user decides to download a plugin with the inbuilt plugin manager, the following information is sent but not stored:

    • The requested plugin
  • In the event that the app crashes, and you approve the submission of a crash report to help us fix the problem, the following information will be sent and stored indefinitly in our ticket system:

    • Gajim version
    • OS name and version
    • The versions of important library dependencies to run Gajim
    • Feedback the user may have provided
    • Traceback of the error

The data described in this section is processed on a lawful basis of legitimate interest. The data is necessary for us to provide you with a working and reliable app.

Data shared with your service operator

This section is purely informational in nature, and describes the kind of data that may be sent to your chosen service provider while using the Gajim.

Gajim connects directly to any services that you register an account on. Be sure to review the privacy policy for your chosen service.

Data that goes through your service operator includes:

  • Information about Contacts when you interact with them
  • Messages (this includes text messages, images and other files)
  • Your profile picture, if you choose to upload one
  • Public keys used to enable people to send you encrypted messages

There may be additional data that you provide within the app to be shared with services, such as group chat names, membership lists, and other kinds of information.

Refer to your provider’s privacy policy to learn how they store, handle and process data that you share with their service through using the Gajim.

Data shared with other third parties

If the global group chat search functionality is used, the following data are shared with https://search.jabber.network:

  • IP address
  • Search terms

See https://search.jabber.network/privacy for information about how the data is handled.

Encryption of data

The app has the ability to encrypt message contents and file uploads when this feature is enabled. We encourage you to keep this feature enabled, and to use the in-app verification functions, if you want to ensure your communications stay private even in the event of a malicious or compromised service.


  • 2023-04-23: Initial version