Gajim 1.6.0

Gajim 1.6.0 has been released

For Gajim 1.6.0 we ported Gajim’s and python-nbxmpp’s underlying HTTP library to libsoup3. Also, audio previews now look nicer and allow for more control (playback speed, jumping). We fixed emoji rendering on MacOS and we implemented many fixes under the hood. Thank you for all your contributions!

What’s New

For all HTTP requests (e.g. file downloads, update checks, websocket connection, …) both Gajim and python-nbxmpp rely on libsoup. With Gajim 1.6.0, we ported to libsoup3. You shouldn’t notice any changes, but this fixes some compatibility issues we faced recently.

Gajim’s audio preview looks a lot nicer now! @mesonium added a wave graph visualization, which allows you the navigate audio files easier, especially voice messages. You can now jump within audio files, and (for all your wordy friends) you can select a playback speed.

Gajim’s new audio preview

Gajim’s new audio preview

Most timestamps displayed in Gajim can now be customized using date_format, time_format or date_time_format in Gajim’s Advanced Configuration Editor (ACE).

python-nbxmpp 4.0.0 has been released, and besides the port to libsoup3, it comes with support for XEP-0444: Message Reactions. Furthermore, support for XEP-0392: Consistent Color Generation has been updated to version 0.8.0.

More Changes

  • Gajim now depends on python 3.10
  • File types for your profile image (avatar) are not limited to only JPG anymore
  • A file is now highlighted in your file explorer, when opening the containing folder from Gajim


  • Improved command detection
  • Fixes for adding an account
  • Improvements for URL handling (@mjk)

Over 10 issues have been fixed in this release. Have a look at the changelog for a complete list.


As always, don’t hesitate to contact us at or open an issue on our Gitlab.