Gajim 1.3.3 · Other platforms

Decentralized Messaging

Connect to your contacts using a server of your choice. Gajim works well with other chat clients and supports multiple accounts.

Stay Connected

Share pictures, videos, and files with friends and groups. User profiles, status updates, and chat history management included.

End-to-End Encryption

Chat securely using OMEMO, PGP, or OpenPGP.


Wikipedia and Wiktionary integration, automatic spell-checking, and much more via plugins.

Open Source

Gajim is free open-source software.


Available in 29 languages.

Development News October 2021

Gajim development news

This post marks two years of Gajim development news 🥳 In October, Gajim’s event system received significant changes. These changes lead to improvements in notifications mainly, but also made it possible to display Jingle File Transfers directly in the chat view! Also this month: search filters which help narrow down your search. [Read More]