Gajim 1.5.3

Gajim 1.5.3 has been released

Gajim 1.5.3 brings back a feature many of you missed: selecting and copying multiple messages. Emoji shortcodes have been improved and cover even more emojis now. Gajim also lets you mark workspaces as read, so you don’t have to go through all conversations. Thank you for all your contributions!

What’s New

Since we changed the way Gajim displays messages in Gajim 1.4, selecting multiple messages to copy them was not possible anymore. With Gajim 1.5.3 you can now select multiple messages via message menu, followed by marking each message you would like to copy.

Thanks to @mjk, Gajim now offers even more emojis when using shortcodes. You will now get suggestions for categories as well, which makes finding the right emoji easier 🎉

Emoji shortcodes

Emoji shortcodes

Gajim now fully supports message drafts. If you type a message and switch to another chat, you will now see your draft in the chat list as well.

More Changes

  • You can now select a default workspace for new chats (for each account)
  • Workspaces can now be marked as read


  • Improvements for recognizing URLs (@mjk)
  • Fix message correction behavior when switching chats
  • Many fixes to improve Gajim’s usability

Over 30 issues have been fixed in this release. Have a look at the changelog for a complete list.


As always, don’t hesitate to contact us at or open an issue on our Gitlab.