Development News September 2021

Gajim development news

Development News September 2021

Gajim development news

September brought many updates under the hood. With big changes coming up in Gajim 1.4, many parts of the code have to be touched. These changes remain mostly invisible for users, but make Gajim more robust. In some cases, this results in visible improvements as well: Both Add Contact and Start Chat windows are now detecting the type of chat behind an address.

Changes in Gajim

Since development on Gajim 1.4 started, a lot has changed under the hood. Window management and contacts interface both received a complete makeover. These are essential components, which means almost every part of Gajim has to be adapted. This is also an opportunity to clean up old code and to revise features.

Jingle File Transfer for example received a new resource selector widget, which allows users to select a resource/device to send the file to. But this is just one of many features which needed to be updated.

Surprisingly often there have been issue reports about joining group chats. It turns out these are a result of Gajim’s Start Chat window offering two actions for new addresses: either start a chat or join a group chat. Choosing the first action for group chats results in a mess. In order to fix this, Gajim will now try to do some discovery magic before actually starting a chat. The same goes for the new Add Contact window, which will now detect group chats and gateways. If a gateway (i.e. IRC) is detected, Gajim will offer registering options or Ad-Hoc Commands to configure the gateway, depending on its capabilities.

Plugin updates

No plugin updates this month.

Changes in python-nbxmpp

Parsing XEP-0050 Ad-Hoc Commands is now more robust against unknown or duplicated actions.

Furthermore, an issue with message corrections has been fixed.

As always, feel free to join to discuss with us.