Gajim 1.2.2

Gajim 1.2.2 has been released

This release brings an automatic update check for Gajim on Windows/MacOS, a big status message overhaul, and many improvements.

What’s New

Starting with this release, Gajim features an automatic update check on Windows/MacOS. If you enable it, Gajim will search for updates once a week. As soon as a new version is available, you will get a notification offering to download the latest release.

Over time, Gajim grew a lot of options to set up status messages, and it became cluttered at some point. We decided to do some cleanup, and started by removing ‘default status messages’ (default message for each status) in favor of status presets. An example: you choose to go ‘away’ (your daily walk). Instead of typing your status message each time, you simply select a status preset. A status preset can also include your Activity (XEP-0108) or even your Mood (XEP-0107). Removing a status preset is now possible from the status change window, further reducing the Preferences settings count. While reworking the status change window, we took the opportunity to improve Gajim’s status selector as well. Depending on where the contact list was placed on your desktop, the old status selector would sometimes not open correctly. We fixed this bug and also improved the layout a bit. Cleaning up the status message logic inside Gajim also lead to the removal of the ‘Free for Chat’ status option, because it is essentially Online/Available nowadays.

New status window

New status window

More Changes

  • Server Info window now shows which IP/Port and DNS record are in use
  • Preferences: Keyring (password storage) can now be disabled
  • Password storage with Gajim from Flatpak now works with kwallet
  • XHTML: Support for <img> tags has been removed
  • DBus: ability to change settings has been removed
  • Connection: ability to ignore TLS errors has been removed
  • Support for drag and drop from KDE notifications (and other elements) has been added
  • HiDPI improvements for the group chat participants list
  • A bug has been fixed where Gajim would fail to connect after suspend
  • And much more: Have a look at the full changelog

Known Issues

  • Zeroconf (serverless messaging) has not been re-implemented yet
  • Client certificate setup is not possible yet
  • Some work has been done to get Audio/Video calls working again, however, this feature is highly experimental at the moment


As always, don’t hesitate to contact us at or open an issue on our Gitlab.