Gajim 1.4.3

Gajim 1.4.3 has been released

Gajim 1.4.3 comes with some exciting news: Native emoji rendering on Windows! Want to customize your workspaces? Why not use emojis as well? As always, lots of bugs have been fixed in this release. [Read More]

Gajim 1.4.2

Gajim 1.4.2 has been released

As promised earlier, releasing new Gajim versions is now much easier! 🎉 Gajim 1.4.2 comes with better performance and an important bugfix. But there is more! After popular demand, we brought back the calendar for browsing history. [Read More]

Gajim 1.4.1

Gajim 1.4.1 has been released

Only a week after the release of Gajim 1.4.0, we’re happy to announce Gajim 1.4.1! 🎉 This release brings several fixes for issues you reported to us. Thanks for your feedback! [Read More]

Gajim 1.4.0

Gajim 1.4.0 has been released

After more than a year of development, it’s finally time to announce the release of Gajim 1.4.0! 🎉 Gajim 1.4 series comes with a completely redesigned message window and conversation management. Workspaces allow you to organize your chats to keep matters separate where needed. These changes were only possible by touching a lot of Gajim’s code base, and we appreciate all the feedback we got from you. [Read More]

Development News April 2022

Gajim development news

This month came with a lot of preparations for the release of Gajim 1.4 🚀 Gajim’s release pipeline has been improved in many ways, allowing us to make releases more frequently. Furthermore, April brought improvements for file previews on Windows. [Read More]