Development News January 2021

Gajim development news

Development News January 2021

Gajim development news

Gajim 1.3.0 is almost there and Gajim’s XMPP library python-nbxmpp had its 2.0.0 release! This month brings many bugfixes and a long anticipated feature: direct chat messages for private group chats.

Changes in Gajim

The first month of 2021 was mostly about bug fixing in preparation of the upcoming 1.3.0 release. Also, Gajim joined Fosstodon this month! 🎉

Gajim will now use direct messages in non-anonymous group chats instead of Private Messages (which would be routed through the group chat). This behavior is of course configurable, but the new default will reduce confusion significantly: If you start a chat with a group chat participant of a private group chat, Gajim will open a chat addressed directly to the participant.

What else happened

  • Added new debug mode: start gajim with --gdebug to see GLib debug messages
  • Bugfixes for the new profile window
  • Fixed race condition while removing an account #10401
  • Fixed issue with clipboard being cleared accidentally after pressing Alt+Tab
  • Bugfix for an error which occurred when closing the chat window while being in a call
  • Fixed History Manager’s stand-alone mode #10384
  • Bugfix for tooltip error occurring with empty PEP info #10235

Plugin updates

Gajim’s Client Icons plugin enables you to see which chat client(s) your contact is using, by displaying the client’s name and icon. This month, (a popular Conversations fork) has been added, and detection for both Movim and PSI+ has been improved.

Changes in python-nbxmpp

python-nbxmpp 2.0.0 has been released, featuring JID Escaping (XEP-0106), VCard4 (XEP-0292), and GSSAPI (XEP-0233) support. As covered in previous posts, module calls are now based on Python Generators. Furthermore, the module API has been simplified and harmonized.

As always, feel free to join to discuss with us.