Development News December 2020

Gajim development news

Development News December 2020

Gajim development news

In December, the profile window received a complete rework, adding state of the art vCard capabilities and a brand new profile picture selector to Gajim. Furthermore, Chat Markers have been improved and some bugs have been fixed.

Changes in Gajim

Gajim’s Profile window received a complete rework. This includes a new backend using up to date standards (XEP-0292 vCard4 Over XMPP), as well as a completely rewritten dialog for displaying and editing vCards. The new Profile window uses a so called VCardGrid, which enables Gajim to display vCard contents. This VCardGrid also offers editing capabilities, enabling users to modify their own vCard. Since this works perfectly for viewing vCards, we plan to use it in the Contact Info window as well.

A big advantage over the old Profile window is that you can add (almost all) elements more than once. For example, you can add an email address for your workplace, and additionally a private one. Or multiple organizations, or even more PGP keys, … All these elements are added dynamically, there is no static user interface here.

Selecting your own profile picture is much more fun if you can crop it directly using integrated tools. This is now possible using the new picture selector, which enables you to select the detail you want to show, using a fixed aspect ratio.

This completes one of the last missing steps before we can finally release Gajim 1.3.

What else happened

  • Improved both Chat Marker and Message Receipt icons
  • It’s now possible to programmatically send files via HTTP File Upload (XEP-0363) without sending a text message
  • Added back metacontacts_enable advanced setting
  • Fixed a bug occurring if Idle Monitor is not available (#10295)
  • Fixed a bug where the Preferences window did not expand correctly on Windows (#10359)

Plugin updates

Gajim’s Flatpak plugins have been updated.

Changes in python-nbxmpp

While finishing Gajim’s new Profile window, python-nbxmpp received functions to set the PubSub (XEP-0060) access model for your nickname and avatar. These are necessary for making both nickname and avatar either public for everyone or just for your contacts.

As always, feel free to join to discuss with us.