Gajim 1.2.1

Gajim 1.2.1 has been released

Just two weeks after the release of Gajim 1.2, the next update is already there. Gajim 1.2.1 features spam reporting, enhancements for the plugin system, and some bug fixes.

What’s New

Plugins shipped with Gajim will now be activated automatically. This allows package maintainers to include plugins (like URL Image Preview). On the first start, Gajim will activate shipped plugins automatically. With Gajim’s Windows installer, we now ship two plugins: URL Image Preview and OMEMO.

Gajim now features Spam Reporting (XEP-0377). When you decide to block someone, you can choose to report spam as well. Conveniently, you can report spam instantly when receiving a subscription request. While working on the ‘blocking’ feature, we removed Privacy Lists (XEP-0016), since that extension is deprecated.

Did you know that you can invite people to a group chat via drag and drop? A new overlay makes file transfers and chat invitations via drag and drop a little bit prettier.

Drag and drop overlay for files and contacts

Drag and drop overlay for files and contacts

More Changes

  • Group chats will now show the last 50 messages when opened
  • Group chat participants will be sorted correctly
  • Stopped tabs from expanding when the tab bar is on the top side of the chat window
  • Gajim now shows an error if invites are not allowed in a group chat
  • Drag and drop from ‘Not in contact list’ to any group in your contact list is now allowed
  • Sending messages to multiple groups is now possible
  • Bug fixes for the account assistant (password storage for example)
  • Bug fix for account removal on Windows
  • And much more: Have a look at the full changelog

Known Issues

  • Zeroconf (serverless messaging) has not been re-implemented yet
  • Client certificate setup is not possible yet
  • Some work has been done to get Audio/Video calls working again, however, this feature is highly experimental at the moment


As always, don’t hesitate to contact us at or open an issue on our Gitlab.