Development News April 2022

Noutăti despre proiectarea Gajim

Development News April 2022

Noutăti despre proiectarea Gajim

This month came with a lot of preparations for the release of Gajim 1.4 🚀 Gajim’s release pipeline has been improved in many ways, allowing us to make releases more frequently. Furthermore, April brought improvements for file previews on Windows.

Schimbări în Gajim

For two and a half years I (wurstsalat) have been writing (and translating) Gajim’s monthly development news. Keeping this up on a monthly basis takes a lot of time and effort. Upcoming development news will be released on an irregular basis, focussing on features instead of monthly progress.

It has been a while since the release of Gajim 1.3.3. But why does it take so long until a new version gets released? One of the reasons is the amount of manual work it takes to update every part of Gajim’s internals for a new release. This does not include functional changes, but only things which need to be updated (version strings, translations, changelogs, etc.) before a new version can be deployed. Note that Gajim is available for multiple distributions on Linux, for Flatpak, and for Windows, which makes releasing a new version more complicated. In order to make releases happen more frequently, i.e. reducing the manual work involved in deploying a new version, great efforts have been made:

  • deployment pipelines have been established on Gajim’s Gitlab
  • the process of applying Weblate translations has been integrated better
  • changelogs will be generated automatically from git’s commit history
  • Flatpak update process has been simplified

There are more improvements to come, but this should already make deploying a new version much easier.

Ce s-a mai întâmplat:

  • Sentry integration has been improved
  • libappindicator is now used on Wayland, if available
  • downloading a file preview can now be cancelled
  • mime type guessing for file previews has been improved on Windows
  • audio previews are now available on Windows
  • Security Labels (XEP-0258) selector has been improved
  • improvements for private chat messages

Actualizări de plugin-uri

Gajim’s OpenPGP plugin received an update with some usability improvements.

Modificări în python-nbxmpp

python-nbxmpp is now ready for being deployed quickly as well.

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